Tips for Skips

BettaBins, Canberra’s best skip bin provider, has provided you with some tips for skips such as sizing advice, what can go into a skip bin, packing tips and delivery information.

What is a cubic metre?

Imagine a box that is one metre in each direction – high wide and deep. This will help you visualise how big our skips are. Another way to look at it is in trailer-loads:

  • 2m skip bin = 3 trailer loads
  • 3m skip bin = 4.5 trailer loads
  • 4.5m skip bin = 6.5 trailer loads
  • 6m skip bin = 8 trailer loads

What size skip do you need?

By understanding how big a skip is, you can better estimate which skip to order, feel free to contact Ryan for help in picking the right skip.

Tip: If you have neighbours that need to do a cleanup, save money by chipping in together for a larger bin .

What can go into a BettaBin?

  • Furniture
  • TVs – put them on top so we can dispose of them responsibly

What shouldn’t go into a BettaBin?

It is illegal to put any of the following materials in a skip bin:

  • Oil Paint
  • Asbestos
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • Chemicals
  • Needles & Syringes
  • Acids
  • Noxious materials
  • Solvents
  • Gas Bottles
  • Explosives

If you’re not sure, contact us and we’ll let you know.

Pack your skip right!

By just throwing everything into a skip without a bit of planning, you risk leaving unused space and not maximising the amount of junk you can fit into it.

Start with the big stuff – lounges, mattress, anything bulky, then pack the smaller stuff in around it. If you can break something up to save an awkward shape, then do so.

You can also put rubbish inside other rubbish, for example take the doors off a cupboard and fill the cupboard as well.

Help the environment – don’t mix your rubbish

Bins that contain only all dirt, bricks, soil or green waste will provided for a cheaper price as they can be recycled instead of going to landfill.

How full should my BettaBin be?

BettaBins cannot be filled past the top of the bin for safety reasons. If your bin is over full when our driver arrives to pick it up he will either remove some objects or if there is too much to remove he will leave it until you have fixed the problem. You may be charged an additional fee if this occurs.

It’s best to get your bin picked up as soon as it is full, as they can mysteriously fill up overnight with your neighbours’ items!

Can I move my bin after you have dropped it off?

Once the bin has been positioned, it’s critical that you DO NOT move it. The reason for this is that the position you move it to may not be appropriate for our truck to pick it up from (turning circles, trees etc). Moving the bin will quite possibly twist and damage it resulting in you paying for a new one. Our driver will do his best to put it exactly where you want it.

We also don’t want you hurting yourself or others by trying to move our bins.

On the day of collection, please ensure there is clear access to the bin.

How long can I keep the bin?

Minimum Hire is three whole days. Weekly Hire is six whole days. After the seventh day we have a daily rate.

Can I have my bin for longer than arranged?

Absolutely! Just give us a call before 5pm the day before it is due to be collected and we will arrange for your pickup date to be later. There is an additional charge for extending your hire period, the price depends on the size & contents of the bin. Please note that extension is subject to availability.

How much notice do I need to give for delivery of a BettaBin?

24 hours notice is good, but the more you give us the better so we can better ensure the availability of the right sized skip.

What time of day do you deliver?

BettaBins is a responsive company and delivers based on requirements and availability, but sometimes delays can occur. If you have time constraints, let us know and we’ll do what we can to work in with your needs.

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